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Yoga instructor fucks luscious redhead teen in her big ass


Yoga instructor fucks luscious redhead teen in her big ass She was dragged close to a noisy generator room & was flung to the dirty floor. Katrina tried to scramble to her feet but a kick in her side made her curl up in pain. She gasped through the pain & tried to look around. She saw she was surrounded by five pairs of legs & another pair was standing near her feet.

In the darkness Katrina couldn’t make out any details of the faces surrounding her. Katrina also became aware of a seventh body moving slowly amongst the men. Katrina smelt the strong perfume again & heard a few gasps & giggles. As Katrina’s eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw long hair waving as the girl’s breasts & buttocks were fondled by each man as she passed by them. Yoga instructor fucks luscious redhead teen in her big ass

“Who are y…?” Katrina tried to ask but a stiletto heel placed right across her mouth cut her question midway. The odor of perfume seemed to come closer to Katrina & she felt silky hair brush her cheeks. Katrina felt two soft hands grip her wrists & gently guide then upwards. Katrina lay writhing as the girl clasped Katrina’s hands above her head. The girl opened her skirt in the centre & placed her knees on either side of Katrina’s head. Katrina felt the warmth of her thighs on her cheeks. A low moan was followed by a soft “Oohhhh! Yesss!” as the girl rubbed her crotch against Katrina’s forehead.

“Fucking bitch!” Katrina screamed at her & instantly repented & screamed “Noooo!” as she felt strong hands grip her ankles & spread her legs apart. Her shoes & socks were pulled away together & her belt was ripped out.

“Please…please don’t do that!” Katrina pleaded as her white trousers were torn away from her fair legs.

Two other hands stripped her off her shirt ripping it to pieces. Katrina screamed as her bra & panties were pulled away.

Date: January 22, 2019
Actors: luscious

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