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Teen patient fucked by her dirty doctor in the hospital


Teen patient fucked by her dirty doctor in the hospital I jumped with fright as I turned and saw him leaning against the door frame with a peculiar look in his eye. It lasted for a split second before Bruno ran towards me and jumped up placing his big paws on my thighs. Laughing I bent down to stroke him and I realised that from this angle Uncle Nayan could see right down the front of my top.

He made a little coughing noise and said,

‘Come on let’s go…let’s get this daft old dog out for his walk before he starts to rip off your clothes!’

I wasn’t really sure if he was talking about himself or the dog! As he handed me the dogs lead his fingers lingered just a little bit too long on mine and I gasped. Uncle Nayan said nothing.

Walking along the back roads that led to the fields where Bruno loved to frolic, we talked about mundane stuff. Uncle Nayan asked how school was going and if I thought I had done well in my exams. I couldn’t really concentrate on holding a proper conversation as my mind kept wandering back to what had happened this morning and if I had imagined that little spark of electricity between us before we left the house. Teen patient fucked by her dirty doctor in the hospital

‘You know Babita, you really should be more careful. You are too young to be drinking and I know that boys your age like to push their luck’

I wasn’t really listening to Uncle Nayan as I was too busy trying to keep an eye on where Bruno had ran off to. We chased Bruno up a path that had been cut between some trees and finally spotted him bouncing around in the stream that ran through the clearing.


Date: May 17, 2019

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