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Sun tanning beauty Aleksa Nicole is double penetrated


Sun tanning beauty Aleksa Nicole is double penetrated Thanksgiving night I had enough. It had been months and I just wanted to watch him jerk off. To see if he was really doing it. I decided to set a trap. I live with my oldest daughter since my husband passed away. She had divorced her husband so a few years before my husband passed away I was there all the time helping anyway. I got to watch these boys grow up. I live with her and my 2 grandc***dren Manish I told you about and Andy he i youngest and so after cleaning everything I said I was going to go watch a movie in my room.

I went upstairs and I snuck into my grandson’s room. Went on his computer and started going through his search history. Since he was off from school for break I knew he didn’t have to go to sleep til 10 or 11. So I went right before that at 9:30pm while he was downstairs playing video games. while on his laptop, I went searching through a porn site(cause that was the site he was searching so often). Anyway I decided to search granny fucks her b0y. That’s when I found some great, great videos, One in particular I am sure was the real deal. And as I watched I was so filled with excitement I decided to masturbate. Sun tanning beauty Aleksa Nicole is double penetrated

Now I don’t use fingers when I have been masturbating to my grandson. I just rub my clit. I actually haven’t had anything inside me in over 18 years Since my husband passed away I had gone through menopause and I thought. What was the use. Sure sometimes I would rub one out thinking about an old lover or my ex husband but that was it. Now i was possessed. Just as I was about to cum. I heard him coming up the stairs.

Date: April 13, 2019
Actors: aleksa nicole

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