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Squirting maid Gabriella Paltrova cleans up Brazzers


Squirting maid Gabriella Paltrova cleans up Brazzers I was angry, not only had I prepared a meal for a us both, but I also enjoyed mom’s company. I would sit and listen to the all the boring stories mom would tell, while secretly hiding a massive erection under the table, while thinking about mom’s hot lips and pussy all over my cock. Perhaps jealous, would be the better way to describe how I felt. After all my hot, sexy mom would be out having fun without me.“Which one” mom asked,

“I cannot make my mind up.”

How the fuck am I supposed to know I though to myself. I would much prefer it if you would drop the dresses and let me fuck you I thought. But quickly putting some response together so that mom wouldn’t just tell me to go away as I wasn’t being helpful, I said

“I am not sure, I haven’t seen any of them on before.”” Are they new?” Squirting maid Gabriella Paltrova cleans up Brazzers

“Yes” mom replied.”

“I bought these dresses and this body, as I knew we would be having a night out at some point, and I only had my old clothes to wear.”

“They look amazing” I said,

Really meaning mom’s gorgeous tits which I could see clearly through the sheer fabric of the body.

“But it would be better if I could see them on.” I continued

“Yes, your right” mom said and turned to the bed to lay both the dresses down carefully.

I now got a full view of mom’s gorgeous arse in her sexy pantyhose and body. Which was a thong back and framed mom’s cheeks perfectly. God I was so hard, I just wish I had the strength to walk over to mom, grab her and fuck her like I know she wants. But I didn’t.

Date: March 4, 2019

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