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SisLovesMe Fucked my step-sister while she did HW


SisLovesMe Fucked my step-sister while she did HW The farm was a hobby for them not there livelyhood. They had the usual chickens, cattle and horses. They had just got some pigs and I had to build a sty for them outside the barn. Seema and Varun welcomed me when my dad dropped me off and picked up Varun to take him to town to catch his flight next morning early. This lefted me alone with Seema, I was on tender hooks as the saying goes. She showed me to my room and then took me over to the barn and showed me were to build the pig sty. I started straight away and Seema returned to the house. About 2 hours later she came over and told me lunch was ready and to clean up before joining her under the big Oak tree for lunch. After lunch I went back to building the pig sty, I finished it about 3 hours later and she inspected it. She had me add some nails here and there, then got me to move the pigs from the barn into the sty. Then had me clean the barn were the pigs had been.

I was than told to bath and clean up for dinner, after dinner was finished and I had helped do the dishes. We watched a bit of TV and then to bed, early early start tomorrow she said. It was about 9pm, when I went to bed. At half past 4 in the morning I was awoken by Seema and told to get dress and wash up for breakfast. While getting dressed I found my packet of marijuana I had hidden in my bag. I put in my pocket and washed up. Had breakfast and with a list of chores to do left the house. SisLovesMe Fucked my step-sister while she did HW

Date: May 6, 2019

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