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Sexy mature latina loves to sixtynine Free X Videos Hd She sucked it so nicely by twirling her tongue that I was about to ejaculate and told her so. She stopped immediately. Lay on her back, raised her legs and put my prick inside her cunt. I pumped for some time but as I could not hold back for more time I burst all my cum in the same cunt from where I had come out.

The feeling was heavenly. It felt like I was a conqueror having accomplished victory. And being young the cum was quite thick and a good quantity. Seeing my satisfaction, Chachi asked me to take out my prick from her cunt. Immediately she put her hand on her cunt, got up and rushed to the bathroom. I followed her there.

Once in, she released her hand and there was a huge flow that trickled down on to her upper thighs and the ground. I asked, “Is all this my cum?” To which she replied, “not only yours, mine too, as I too had burst for the second time when you burst.”

We cleaned and washed each other and stepped out of the bathing area to wipe our bodies. We went back to my bedroom where our clothes were. But before we could dress up, I held her tight in my arms and planted a very hard, long and passionate kiss on her beautiful lips and remarked, “I enjoyed so much that I feel that we should have more of it every now & then. Sexy mature latina loves to sixtynine Free X Videos Hd

You are so loving and have a very very beautiful body.” To which she replied, “Don’t worry, whenever you want to lick or suck or fuck, you can have me. But make sure that nobody is around.” “Sure my dear dear Chachi, I will always take care.

Date: September 25, 2019

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