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Mia Khalifa Fucks a Fanboy full sex video


Mia Khalifa Fucks a Fanboy full sex video “Oh God,” she moaned again as her hand cupped the front of those tight underwear and the same words could have slipped from my lips as her cold hand worked inside the waistband and find my curled up penis. Fortunately her hand quickly warmed trapped between my briefs and my manhood and I was even able to withstand the cold air hitting my lund when she freed it by pushing my briefs below my balls.

“Oh God, you’re huge,” she said into my ear before bringing her face back to look me in the eye, “I knew you would be.” She smiled a coy smile, teasing me with the idea that she had thought about this moment before. And I thought guys only had masturbation fantasies.

I watched her look down at my lund as it, now fully freed, responded at full mast to her touch and the movement up and down of her hand. The moment was almost too much to take. Standing in a semi-private field at our son’s high school. The chance that anyone, even my son, could come around and catch us in our forbidden activities. It was a very sexy scene. Mia Khalifa Fucks a Fanboy full sex video

As I felt the pleasure of the hand job I was now receiving from my friend’s wife, I wanted to reward her as well, as any man would want to do for a sexy woman who just complimented his size.

I kissed her full and deep again, letting my hands slip to her hips. I held her there for a moment before letting my hands work their way up inside her sweater and fully cup her breasts through her t-shirt.

“Oh God, these are huge,” I said complimentary with a bit of ironic joking. She looked at me and reached for her jacket, pulling it off and dropping it to the ground. She reached for the bottom of her sweater, looking at me as if to dare her to take it off. I lightly nodded my head and she stared into my eyes as she ripped it upward pulling it over her hand and managing her long, blond ponytail through the opening at the top.

Date: January 15, 2019
Actors: Mia Khalifa

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