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Mandy Muse loves taking it in the ass Brazzers


Mandy Muse loves taking it in the ass Brazzers Though there were many guys in my friend circle but I never had any boyfriend, although I wanted to have but I never dared to trust anyone. Many guys of my different friend circles approached me in different ways, some of them proposed me in conventional way for a love affair and few straight away gave hint that they want to get on bed with me but ultimately it was my own brother who took my virginity.

While talking about my brother Rakesh, I will say he is around 5’10 in height with good built, he is nearly five years elder then me, and I address him Bhaiya. After doing some diploma overseas Bhaiya decided to work there only and this incident occurred when he came to India after around 5 years. I was happy to see him after a long time and he too was happy to see me but with a different perspective.

Anyway time was around 9 when he reached home and we all were waiting for him for the meal. Bhaiya, mom and dad all settled down in the living room and chit chatted for a while and wearing bodyline jeans and cut sleeve t-shirt I moved around to serve water and all, and to prepare the dining table for the meal. Mandy Muse loves taking it in the ass Brazzers

Apparently everything was normal, except after sometime of his reaching home once I felt as if Bhaiya is staring at my body but that instant I did not bothered about that. Chit chatting between we all four family members continued even after dinner and now over the period of two hours I was somewhat sure that Bhaiya is looking at my body with altogether a different perspective but I took that casually.

Next as usual my parents followed their daily routine and went to sleep around 11 and now it was just me and Bhaiya chit chatting in the living room. I was still in the same outfit jeans and cut sleeve top and now after our parent’s exit I could clearly see that Bhaiya’s way to look at has entirely changed.

Date: March 9, 2019
Actors: Mandy Muse / Mick Blue

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