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Lifetime Friends Finally Fuck For The First Time


Lifetime Friends Finally Fuck For The First Time friends with benefits on the next day she called again for the confirmation n confirmed I am coming even it was raining. I reached the venue and went to the hall where this interview session was goin on,to my surprise there was only two guys and 2 students for the interview,so I came out and called where was she?she said that she’s in a meeting n told me to go and take the interview and will come once the meeting is over.

i believed her and took the interview and asked them when will be my result they said an email would confirm my seat in the college.i came out and started calling her to my surprise she wasn’t picking my call and then I enquired the person who interviewed me about the girl he said only two of them came to city and the girl who called me didn’t come from bangalore,

listenening to this I got angry like anything and in anger I tried calling her she wasn’t picking my call I tried for nearly an hour like this then some guy picked it saying that she’s in a meeting I told him look boss I need to talk to her make her call me n went back to home angrily. Lifetime Friends Finally Fuck For The First Time friends with benefits Mia Khalifa stepmom Juliana Vega fucks

I didn’t feel like eating lunch and went to the system and sent sms’s saying that girls like u would hurt person’s feelings as if nothing and I said that bcoz of her am not gonna eat anything n sent the sms.In the evening I got a call from her I blasted like anything to her saying who gave u rite to play with a person’s emotions,then she apologised for her doings.

i said I want to be alone and kept the call and threw my mobile to corner of my bed and went to other room and slept as I need a time for myself I woke up after 3 hrs and went in search of my cell to my surprise there were 120 msd calls and 20 msgs saying that she is sorry and she can’t bear the thought that someone is being starved bcoz of her.

Date: January 7, 2019

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