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Basheer having sex with cousins Indian sex video download hd


Basheer having sex with cousins Indian sex video download hd In Kuwait most of my friends have already gone and due to non availability of leave to my father my departure was delayed. My mother is also working and hence I was staying in our sixth floor flat in the city alone for the major part of the day. I watched TV, played computer games, or slept during the day time. One day a neighboring Lebanese lady rang the bell.

She was very tall and very beautiful. She wore a sarong and a blouse and a cloth around her head. She asked whether I can spare a jar of pain balm for a few minutes. I searched in the bedroom cabinet and it was there. I gave it her with a smile. “”thank you munna, thank you, you are so nice” I was about to close the door she asked where is my mummy and daddy.

I said they are working during the day and will be back only by evening. “Can you help me to apply this pain balm where it is paining me” I said “OK” She asked me to lock the door of my apartment and go to her flat. We went. She lied and asked me to take little balm and apply on the upper portion of her thigh. Indian sex video download hd

She lifted her sarong upto the top of the thigh and I noticed that she did not wear any panty. Her private parts were visible with slight stubs of hair. I applied balm on her thigh. She said ” how nice, how nicely you applied, please spead a little more on my inner thigh” She removed her sarong and she was totally nude showing her pussy and I was sitting between her legs and her pussy was very clearly seen. Basheer having sex with cousins Indian sex video download hd

My hand went across her inner thigh. Seeing her pussy I had a good erection. The lady got up, leaned forward and undid my pyjama strings and pulled down my underwear and took my 6″ erect cock in her hand and put it in her mouth and started to suck it vigorously. I was in the zenith of pleasure. Within a five minutes I threw my fluids in her mouth. She swallowed it with great taste.

Date: March 5, 2019

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