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Indian High Profile Teen Couple Having Sex


Indian High Profile Teen Couple Having Sex my milks were now almost double the size and my thighs were also much fleshier than before, in short in last five years I was fully ripe and ready to get a manly treatment on the bed and I believe that’s what Bhaiya was looking forward to do from the moment he was here.

As I came back to the living room after winding up the kitchen he called me and showed me a picture of a non-Indian girl and asked me “kaisi hai…?” I smiled in rapture while looking at the girl and replied “achhi hai….girl friend hai aapki? Ya shaadi karli wahan pe” “hmmm….girl friend hai” Bhaiya hummed to say yes, “shaadi kab kar rahe ho iss se…”

I asked him again “Shaadi….? Come on This is just time pass…” Bhaiya replied and after a pause spoke again “we live together in XYZ” (name of the city) “you mean without marriage?” I asked him in surprising tone, and he replied by saying “yes…and I have done everything with her”. For a moment moving my sight from the face of the girl I looked up into his eyes and saw him smiling. Indian High Profile Teen Couple Having Sex

“Don’t you have any boy-friend?” Bhaiya asked me back “No…. maine maar nahi khani mummy papa se” I replied back and gave his mobile back, “arre yaar just grow up..aaj kal ye sab chalta hai” Bhaiya replied back casually and once again I spoke out in denying tone “Na baba mujhe bahut darr lagta hai”.

“Go to hell…” Bhaiya spoke back in ignorance while looking at the screen of the mobile and spoke again “main to roz raat ko sone se pahle iske oopar chadta hun… aur kabhi kabhi subah oothte hi chadd jaata hun”. Although it was first time we were having such chit chat and up to an extent I was ok with whatever Bhaiya spoke since then but his last translated statement

Date: January 25, 2019

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