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Indian Bangla College Beauty Homemade freexvideoshd


Indian Bangla College Beauty Homemade freexvideoshd “Gosh,” she thought, as she tried to put the memory of the feel of his inner thigh into perspective. She’d been caught off guard. But what could she have done? He’d simply grabbed her and they were off around the room, smiling, meeting, and pretending… If… if only he’d continued to hold her hand as they walked from group to group. But he hadn’t done that. Instead, he’d release her hand and then touch her back during one introduction. Put his arm around her for another. Take her hand for yet another. Each time bringing her into contact with another part of his anatomy. The hardness of his chest here, the strong inner muscle of his thigh there; and each time the renewed contact with her warmed flesh vividly re-created a sense of what he must be like. Or more accurately, it created a heightened curiosity, a desire to know… or maybe… simply… a desire.

Fanning herself furiously, she continued the thought. It certainly wasn’t the first time a man had played her; it was more a part of her chemistry, and partly her age. She was rattled at finding herself responding to his sophisticated sexuality. She told herself to stop thinking like this. Too get the car going and in just ten minutes she’d be home and headed into the shower, where she could… She took a toilette packet from her purse, opened it, and wiped her sweating forehead and across the tops of her breasts. She put the towlette in the trash and, leaving her dress unbuttoned, put the car in gear, only to shift back to park and turn the engine off. He was crouching next to her window.

“May I join you in the car?” He said. “It looks so invitingly cool in there.” Indian Bangla College Beauty Homemade freexvideoshd

Date: July 3, 2019

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