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Hot Step Sister Fucks Hard And Swallows Warm Cum


Hot Step Sister Fucks Hard And Swallows Warm Cum my stats are 35-28-38. i never had any kind of sexual feeling but my boy friend brought erotic feelings in my groins! Though we never consumed our relationship yet we had oral sex and kissess. but it was adding fuel to my burning desires.at home we are five people including

me.abbu is staying abroad for work n he visits just once in two years.i m the eldest sister(eldest of all sisters and brother)i have two younger sisters and a brother(aged19 years).my ammi is very frank with me.when ever I used to see my brother I used to get the memory of my boy

friend’s dick.my brother was young n fresh he was neatly shaved.my mother and I was so close that we took bath together sometimes.i shared everything with my mother.she was very open minded person who allowed me everthing to do.we were facing money problems but my boy

friend gave me money so the money problem was removed. One night we were sleping together I just got awaked n saw that my brother was masturebating. he saw me watching and started to act as if he is asleep.next morning Hot Step Sister Fucks Hard And Swallows Warm Cum

I called him up and made him scare that I will tell everything to ammi.he said he will do everything whatever I say…so I decided to exloit this condition in my favour! Everyone was gone to baaji’s house(mousi or aunty mother’s sister) it was only me and my brother musavir who was

at home. i asked him did he clean his body after doing all those stuff..he blushed a little n said yes.i was thrilled to know that.then I asked him did u remove your pubic hair..he said no!!I started scolding him for not doing the rituals.i asked him to bring the razor.he brought it.

he was totally confused that what I m really upto?I asked him to obey my orders or else bear the burnt of ammi…he said okey!I asked him to get rid of his jeans and pulled down his underwear…i was hell shocked to see that he was wearing amina’s panties!!!

Date: February 7, 2019

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