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Hot babe in a fake hospital free x videos hd I said I would go and see her, on arriving at her house she met me and showed me what was needed. She a lesbian and her partner Shobha also 39 are both lawyers. They both around 5’4″ and nice bodies, I was to stay with them while doing the work. I stayed in the double garage, which I was to turn into a bedroom. After I had finished the double carport in front of it. That took 3 days including removing the garage doors and filling in the space. I then started to build a floor in the old garage to bring it level with the house floors. After updating the window in the garage and dry walled the block walls I painted the room. They had a company come and do carpetting. After that I built a laundry on the back of the house and when it was finished.

I started to change the old laundry into a ensuite for the new room. I could them having sex at night due to the ducting in new room. I started to think about going in and joining them, but wasn’t brave enough just to go in. Anyway I heard them talking one night about having children and how they both wanted a child. Hot babe in a fake hospital free x videos hd I know they didn’t know that every thing they said was being funnelled thru the ducting. But my ears pricked up when Shobha said how about Lalit as the father of our children. Priya said He’s cute and it would mean that the children would be related, but how would we ask him to donate sperm.

Shobha replied I’ve seen him watching us sunbathing and I think I could get him into bed with me. I’ll use condoms and collect some sperm for you and make

Date: April 20, 2019

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