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It wasn’t long before I came to the best climax I had ever experienced. Raju licked the fluids off my vagina and then turned around. “Was that good?” he asked. “You are the best, Raju ” I answered him. He smiled his sweet smile again, and I had to refrain myself from not crushing him in my embrace. He smiled at me once more and then laid his head to rest on my breasts. “Sweet dreams, loverboy” I whispered in his ear, stroking his dark black locks. “To you too, sis…” he whispered back, already halfway asleep. I never slept as well ever again as I did that night. Hd sex Fake Hospital Doctor fucks UK pornstar on desk

We used to enjoy the camping trips our family made nearly each summer a lot. We had our own little tent together, and enjoyed each others company, both when we were sightseeing and doing other typically-dad-and- mom things, as in the evenings when we were together in our tent. My parents had offered me my own tent a few years ago, but I refused: I had no reason not to want to be so near to Raju.

Date: June 12, 2019

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