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Friends lil sister is all grown up Brazzers


Friends lil sister is all grown up Brazzers “Go to hell…” Bhaiya spoke back in ignorance while looking at the screen of the mobile and spoke again “main to roz raat ko sone se pahle iske oopar chadta hun… aur kabhi kabhi subah oothte hi chadd jaata hun”. Although it was first time we were having such chit chat and up to an extent I was ok with whatever Bhaiya spoke since then but his last translated statement

“I climb over her every night and sometimes in the morning too” really shocked me for a moment and I looked at him with the shocking expressions and he smiled a bit and I too failed to resist smiling and he asked me “what happened?”….. “Nothing” with a single word in reply for a moment I took leave to change.

While being alone for some time I failed to take out this fact from my mind that Bhaiya is fucking a girl and that is without marrying her and for a fraction a scene that he is fucking a girl floated in front of my eyes, and I felt strange sensation passing through my body. Friends lil sister is all grown up Brazzers

I can say that moment onwards my mind set started getting weird, but still that instant I could not imagine myself fucking with my own brother; I just wanted to know more about Bhaiya’s personal life or to be precise sex life. After changing jeans into a casual pajama with a thin casual t-shirt on the top I came back,

by now after switching off the entire living room Bhaiya was gone to his room and I reached there, Bhaiya was somewhat waiting for me with a gift he bought and I took that gladly. While opening the wrapper once I looked at Bhaiya and caught him staring at the place between my thighs, exactly at my fuckhole.

Actually t-shirt I was wearing was little short in length and it was ending around my waist because of which my pleasure zone was visible. Bhaiya noticed that I have caught him and there was no sign of disappointment in him, rather when I stared into his eyes he looked at me, into my eyes shamelessly and spoke out “Usha tu bahut sexy ho gayi hai….kaise tera koi boy friend nahi hai?”

Date: March 9, 2019

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