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freexvideoshd Naughty Blonde fucks her sisters man “Would you like to cum? I don’t want to masturbate you to completion if that will make you feel awkwardly uncomfortable. A mother masturbating her son and a son cumming for his mother, may not be your cup of tea but I don’t mind if you don’t mind,” she said. She gave him a warm smile, a sexy look, and a naughty stare. “I’d like to make you cum. I’d like to see and watch you cum. Cum for your mother, Sameer. Cum for Mommy,” she said stroking him a little harder and a little faster.

He stared down at his cock before staring up at his mother and before staring at the impressions her big tits made in her blouse and bra.

“Yes, please, Mother. I want to cum,” he said while watching his mother stroke him a little faster and a little harder. “Oh, my God. Please don’t stop, Mom. Please don’t stop. That feels so good. I want to cum. I really need to cum. Only…” he said as if rethinking what he was going to say. freexvideoshd Naughty Blonde fucks her sisters man

She looked up at him with love, patience, and understanding. She smiled at him in the way she smiled at him when she was teaching him to drive. If only his friends knew that his mother was masturbating them, wanting her to masturbate them too, they’d all be jealous.

“Only, what? Tell me. What were you going to say,” she asked? “Don’t be shy now that I’m holding your penis in my hand and masturbating you,” she said with a sexy laugh.

He looked at her with shame.

“I’m embarrassed to ask,” he said.

She laughed again.

“How can you be embarrassed to ask me anything while I’m masturbating you,” she asked him while laughing?

Date: June 16, 2019

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