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Free xvideos hd Doctor love fucks his patient while her husband My wife and two daughters love him to death and treat him as the family dog. Once a month or so he’s required to go to a compound with a handler to keep up with his training. We all miss him terribly when he’s gone.

And then there’s the FBI. They see me as a potential weak link in Mr. Rancuri’s chain that they can exploit. They always try to approach me when I’m alone. They always try to offer me a deal that, when you filter through all of the legal mumbo-jumbo, involves testifying against Mr. Rancuri or some of his associates. Sure, like I would give up all of this to be put into a witness protection program and eventually killed anyway. When this fails they ask me to simply feed them a little information now and then as a confidential informant. They try to play on my sense of morality. They always fail. I speak to them politely, as I’ve been instructed, and tell them nothing, terminating the interview as quickly as possible. I then report the contact to Mr. Rancuri, as I’ve also been instructed.

As the two agents, undoubtedly from the Seattle office, approached me, Seefor, who’d been lying beside the open doorway gave a little “woof”, raising his droopy eyebrows a tad. Free xvideos hd Doctor love fucks his patient while her husband

“I see ’em Seef.” I told him, sighing. They hadn’t visited me in more than a year now. I’d figured that the word had spread that I was not as weak a link as they thought. However, some people never gave up apparently.

They introduced themselves, starting the interview in a polite manner. Special Agents Tanner and Jacobs were their handles. They commented on Seefor, who remained in his position by the doorway of the Lear.

“Did you know,” Jacobs asked me. “That your dog here was trained at the same facility as our bomb dogs and the customs agents drug dogs?”

Date: September 7, 2019

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