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Free X HOT Naked Wrestling Leads to 69 with Sexy Girl


Free X HOT Naked Wrestling Leads to 69 with Sexy GirlI could not gauge what she was murmuring but she seemed to like it. After licking her big cunt more, she began to wriggle and murmuring a little louder which seemed to sound like, “aha, aha, ha.” When I reached her clitoris, she pressed my head and her murmuring was now words, “aha, han aur chato jor jor se.”

After some more licking, she burst and my mouth was filled with her juices which I quickly licked and swallowed. The taste of her juices was again salty. She leaked so much that I had to keep on licking & swallowing.

All the time she was bursting she had raised her lower body. Once she stopped leaking, gradually she lowered her lower body, moved by face away and planted a very deep & passionate and long kiss on my tender lips and licked all the overflow of her juices which were on my face. Free X HOT Naked Wrestling Leads to 69 with Sexy Girl

After my face was practically cleaned, she moved her face from my face and exclaimed, “never could I have imagined that one day I would be making love to the child I had delivered from my womb. It was indeed a pleasure having you suck my boobs and lick my cunt. Now, I will suck your prick and then have it in my cunt, where you can release all your cum.

Don’t worry I will not get pregnant as I have had my vasectomy operation, after delivering 6 children.” She sat on the bed and asked me to bring my prick near her mouth. Immediately she put her tongue on the tip of my prick, after pushing the foreskin back. I felt so exhilarated that I pushed my prick entirely inside her mouth.

Date: September 25, 2019

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