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flower tucci and johnny xxx One day when we stayed late and my friend went out of my cabin, I went and sit near Sriyani table, xxx hd I was keep talking her, then I told her that I know palmistry and took her hand and started seeing it, when I took her hand in my hand, I slowly started touching it on fingers and on palms, I was almost rubbing it, I saw in her eyes, it was pink in her eyes, sxe video hd

I see no protest so I started touching her full hand, her untouched hand, when I was touching I was fully excited, I was keep rubbing and caressing her full hand, and sloly my hand reached to her waists under sarri, and started touching her, she was completely turned on, I was also very excited, suddenly I saw my friend is coming so I left her and sat at my chair. sxe video hd

I told my friend I will come late, So he left. After sometime we also planned to leave, We locked our cabin. it was late, when we were coming out, I was very hot and I whispered that I wanted to kiss her, she asked where, I told lets go in chemical dept, that was having a narrow gallery and bit dark, we walked in gallery, it was bit late so no one was around there, flower tucci and johnny xxx

we went little inside in gallery, when I found we were not seen, I pulled her near to me, and kissed on her lips, almost sucking her lips, she was also hot, we both were kissing our toungue, xxx hd I was too hot, I pressed her armm and deep kiss.Then we heard someone coming we came out from there, and went to our home.

That night fully I was thinking about her, next day it was saturday, holiday, but I went college, after sometime Sriyani also came. I asked her lets go out for lunch, She was agreed, we had some lunch, during lunch I asked her if she is ok to come with me cyber center to browse. She told she is fine if its not going to late. I think we both were knowing whats going to happen.

Date: January 9, 2019
Actors: flower / flower tucci

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