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Fitness Rooms Hot yoga teachers strap on fuck tiny teen Misha’s mother was beautiful for her age, at 36 years old, she could easily pass for 25. She had taken care of herself over the years, often indulging in a day at the spa or a weekly massage. She was tall, with legs that seemed to have no end. Her hair was long and thick, a beautiful shade of honey blonde and her eyes were so deep blue you could easily become hypnotized.

Luckily, Misha had inherited her mother’s beauty. She was just a few inches shorter but had the same gorgeous hair and hypnotizing eyes. She had recently turned 18 and was looking forward to starting college in a few months. She hated to leave her mother behind, but she would be home every weekend as the college was only 22 miles away.

One night, Priya, Misha’s mother, heard her daughter crying as she passed her bedroom door on the way to her own room.

“Misha? Baby what’s wrong?” she asked, slowly pushing the bedroom door open.

“It’s nothing, Mom,” she whispered in the darkness.

Priya entered the room and flipped on the lamp next to Misha’s bed. Fitness Rooms Hot yoga teachers strap on fuck tiny teen

“Oh baby, you’ve been crying for awhile, what is it?” she asked, running her fingers thru her daughter’s hair.

“Kritika called me today,” she said, trying to adjust her eyes to the light, “She won’t be going to college until next year, she’s taking a year off.”

“I’m sorry, beta, I know you were looking forward to starting school together,” said Priya, shifting and getting comfy on the canopy bed.

“We had it all planned out, Mom, we would start college together, graduate together, then move in together and start that art studio we’ve been planning,” said Misha, wiping her nose with a tissue.

“Well beta, you can still do that,” said her mother, “You’ll just graduate a year earlier, then I’m sure Kritika will join you.”

Misha did not seem satisfied with that answer and she began to cry again, “She has ruined our plan, Mom, I guess she didn’t want it as much as I do.”

Date: February 10, 2019

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