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Family Strokes I Want My Stepdad to Take My Virginity


Family Strokes I Want My Stepdad to Take My Virginity Using my right hand, I slowly removed her panties. In the process, she raised her hips slightly to help me take it off. I was glad that she was cooperating. I looked up at her face and she had her eyes closed, the trail of teardrops still there.

Now that her panties were off and she was lying under me, legs spread and nightie raised to her hips, I removed my shorts. My penis sprung to life. I could see the anticipation on her face as her eyes twitched the moment my stiff penis touched her inner thighs. I took hold of my penis and slowly started guiding it towards her hole. The moment my penis head came in contact with her slit, she pushed me on my chest. I was disappointed thinking that she had second thoughts.

“Stop…We can’t do this without a condom…sorry” she said.

“…I don’t have condoms here…” I said.

” What if I get pregnant?? Its risky. Let’s not complicate things…please…let’s do it tomorrow. You can buy condoms and we can do it safely…” Family Strokes I Want My Stepdad to Take My Virginity

I was worried that she might change her mind the next day. And her suggestion to use a condom ascertained that she was voluntarily participating in sex. I thought of pushing my luck to see if I could get her to fuck me today as well.

“Oh Bhabhi…I so desired to do it right now…”

While saying that I slowly moved my cock across her slit. I could feel that she was getting wet.

“But we can’t…let’s wait…aah!…for another day…please can we?” She asked.

“Bhabhi…can I insert and pull out real quick? Please at least let me feel how it is to be inside you…I will be careful not to cum inside…I will pull out..and tomorrow I will have condoms with me…please Bhabhi…please” I pleaded.

Date: May 18, 2019

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