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Fake Hospital Young woman with killer body caught


Fake Hospital Young woman with killer body caught I knew very little about sex even though I had been masturbating from quite early on. The furthest I had gone with boys from school was a blow job and some fingering and it was always all over for them in minutes. My fingers strayed between my legs and cupped my smooth mound which to my surprise was slick and already quite wet. I could hear Uncle Nayan grunting and groaning and I closed my eyes and imagined his cock sawing into his Fb’s pussy. I wondered if she was as tight as me? I let my fingertips play over my clit and even though I knew it was wrong I couldn’t help but imagine myself in her place. How would it feel to have him between my legs? His cock sliding inside of me as his fingers plucked at my nipples. I wanted his face to be at the top of my

thighs and his tongue to be flicking out to lick my clit. I began to furiously finger fuck myself at what I imagined to be the same pace as his cock was fucking her, I mirrored her moans and got lost in my own orgasm long before she did. I came so hard I almost made a damp patch on the sheets and that would have been rather awkward to explain! Fake Hospital Young woman with killer body caught

Finally I heard them get up and shower and I heard her leave to go back next door to her husband. I was glad as I didn’t want to face her after hearing them having sex. I could hear Uncle Nayan come upstairs and he knocked softly on the room door. Without waiting he swung the door open and walked over to the curtains pulling them open letting the bright sunlight flood into the room.

Date: May 17, 2019

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