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Fake Hospital Doctors dirty health check free xx videos Prabhu yelled and started to come and when he did, Laila pulled back and stroked his shaft with her hand, keeping the head still in her mouth. My focus kept switching from her sucking to my fucking, until she pushed back and forth hard against my cock. I felt myself about to get off. I said, “Laila, I’m coming…”

She said, “Yes…yes baby come…fuck me…fuck me…”

I went as fast and as hard as I could and she practically screamed, “I’M COMING…” She came for a long time.

When it was over, I felt dehydrated, exhausted, and coming down. The booze had worn off and I didn’t feel as good as I should have. I’d had fun, but thinking about my Aunt Marie made me uncomfortable. I left after making the proper noises about how great it all was.

The two-block walk further sobered me and when I got home, Aunt Marie was all smiles. She said, “I’m glad you’re home sweetie, Aunt Mariema’s been getting ready for you.” She was wearing a bustier and a negligee. She held out her manicured nails and toes, and flashed me her trimmed pussy. Fake Hospital Doctors dirty health check free xx videos hd

She rolled the edge of the bustier down to expose her pinkish nipples. I couldn’t tell if she had rouged them, or if they were engorged from excitement. It was a beautiful sight, but I hadn’t recovered from coming twice just a short while ago. And boy was I dumb about it. I was turned on, but I felt I’d do better with a few more minutes to recoup. I said, “You look great Aunt Marie…but could we wait a bit?”

She hesitated. Then she said, “Sure…but is something wrong?”

Date: June 10, 2019

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