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Fake Hospital Dirty doctor gives blonde Czech babe


Fake Hospital Dirty doctor gives blonde Czech babe  ‘Come on Babita’ he said, a little too loud for my head to cope with

‘Time to rise and shine’

I pulled the duvet up to my chin quickly knowing that if he were to look he would still see my little breasts all flushed and glowing and my nipples still hard.

‘No wonder he was in such a good mood this morning after having a good fucking session’ I thought to myself a little grumpily and felt a little twinge of jealousy.

‘Ok, ok…who’s rattled your cage or do I need to ask? I will get up in a minute’

I yawned sleepily trying to look anywhere but at his crotch. Knowing that his cock had been buried deep inside his fuck buddy’s wet pussy not even half an hour ago was turning me on again. Now I became extremely conscious that I was nearly naked under the covers apart from a pair of white cotton knickers with a wet gusset.

‘I have to take Bruno for his morning walk and maybe you should come with us…it might help blow some of those cobwebs away on the way home’ he chuckled. Fake Hospital Dirty doctor gives blonde Czech babe

Bruno was Uncle Nayan’s chocolate lab and I had been taking him for walks with Uncle Nayan ever since I was little. Maybe he was right, maybe a brisk walk would clear my head and get rid of the very naughty and dirty thoughts I was having.

As soon as he left the room I jumped out of bed and quickly grabbed the clothes I had been wearing the night before. Just a pair of black leggings and a red top and cursed the fact that I had decided to go without a bra.

Date: May 17, 2019

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