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DGPORNCOM tube Juicy HD SEX videos Its FREE 10 xxx full hd I had known Dipak for a much of my life, becoming friends in high school and attending the same college. He met Babita not long after I had started dating the woman that would become my wife. Babita was a hottie in college and she knew it. Short at about 5′ 2″ with great curves and beautiful, well-coiffed hair that betrayed her rather luxurious upbringing. She was beautiful and she knew it, often making her difficult to be around. I assume, dear reader, that you have known this kind of young lady in your life – young, rich and beautiful and always finding a way to make sure everyone knew it.

I, being a guy, also always noticed that she somehow found a way to make everything look sexy. Even when she would emerge from my roommates room, hung-over and unkempt from the previous night of partying and sex, she would somehow find a way to put on one of Dipak’s V-neck t-shirts, displaying her cleavage in just a way to make my lund spring to life. For that reason, it was worth putting up with some of her quirks to be able to see her around the college apartment on an ever-increasing amount of time. DGPORNCOM tube Juicy HD SEX videos Its FREE 10 xxx full hd Desi Horny Girl Fucked With Moaning watch full bangla sex video

Dipak treated her like a queen and they feel in love and married and were at my wedding when my wife and I tied the knot and we had remained close friends. But when the business had gone south, their marriage nearly ended and my wife and I had spent many nights – me with Dipak and my wife with Babita – convincing them the world had not ended. It had drawn all of us even closer together and had saved the marriage between Dipak and Babita. That’s why I was very amazed at what happened one very chili day.

Date: January 6, 2019

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