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Desi indian Lovers having fun in a village room www.freexvideoshd.com I rubbed the tip of her pussy and pinched it she screamed and her juices flowed out like a river. I kept on rubbing and I inserted my middle finger, It went in smoothly. Ohhhhh god I was feeling her warm pussy on my hand; I put the second finger and started fingering her. She was lifting her waist when I increased my speed of fingering her, she was moaning loudly and she cummed out. Her warm juices flowed out from her pussy and she was resting on the sheet on floor and was breathing heavily.

I took my fingers out and smelled it and it was bad, but I dint show any expression on my face and gave a smile to her which she returned back the same with a glowing smile on her face. I know that she enjoyed it well and she want more. I cleaned her pussy again and she told me to lick her pussy. But I told her that it’s not safe, she said she use to wash it daily and keep it clean for her husband. But only problem is that he won’t lick her pussy for long, he just licks it and when her juices started to flow out he will stop it.

So she told me to lick me hard and eat my pussy. I came between her legs and bent down to lick her pussy I first smelled it and the licked it… mmmmmmm it was warm and salty. I licked again and tasted it. It was good and I did more. I licked and sucked and pulled her pussy and she started to cum and I tasted it. Yukkkkk it’s not good I said and she told not to stop keep licking me. Desi indian Lovers having fun in a village room www.freexvideoshd.comShe said this is what you will be paid more and told to keep on licking. I licked her pussy, her hot fluids went into my mouth and I felt like vomiting coz it’s my first time. But I kept on licking and started fingering also, she came again and again and again. She was tired and she told to stop.

Date: July 31, 2019

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