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Desi indian Lovers having fun in a village room – www.freexvideoshd.com“No.” I said simply. “That’s very interesting. Seefor was a gift from my employer.”

“An expensive gift.” Tanner commented.

I shrugged, pulling out a cigar and lighting it, even though I was technically standing too close to an aircraft to legally do so. As I puffed away they went into their spiel. It was all quite predictable. When I’d heard enough I spoke up.

“Gentleman, what you’re saying is all very enlightening and all, but I DO have work to do. If you’ll please excuse me?”

“Mr. Tall,” Tanner said firmly, “We’d really like you to consider… ”

“Excuse me Agent Tanner,” I interrupted. “Am I under arrest for anything?”

“Well, no.” He told me. “But… ”

“Are you going to be holding me as a material witness or anything like that?”


“Good.” I said. “Then I believe our discussion is about at an end. If you wish to speak to me further it will have to be at your office in the presence of my lawyer. Have a good day, gentlemen.” Desi indian Lovers having fun in a village room – www.freexvideoshd.com

“Think about what we said Mr. Tall.” They advised as they left.

“I’ll do that.” I told them, shaking my head.

I looked at Seefor, who stared back impassively. “Why didn’t you tell me,” I asked him. “That you used to hang out with fed dogs? Does the boss know about that?”

He gave me no answer except for a moist fart. With another sigh I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my cell phone, which, unlike a standard businessman’s phone, was satellite linked and digitally encrypted with a better-than-commercial scrambling program. I punched in the number for Mr. Rancuri’s office line. His secretary answered and immediately transferred me to his phone.


Date: September 7, 2019

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