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Cute & playful blonde schoolgirl fucks her teacher in class


Cute & playful blonde schoolgirl fucks her teacher in class I loved it, I loved him taking control, I love the weight of a man between my legs. Anyway, after being shared in an 8 guy orgy, my brother had developed a friendship with Mrinal, so I showed off for him to see me in all my sexual whorish glory, I would eventually admit to my brother that I had a real attraction to Mrinal and wanted him as a boyfriend, my brother was happy, agreed and began to scheme a way to get Mrinal to fuck me and date me, so I dressed in a specific way,

I behaved in a specific way, I learned to cook Italian food and learned to clean properly, to stop hanging out with guys, dressed in dresses, skimpy shorts, and gym tights. I got my hair done, got a job, and started behaving more maturely, because my brother said that Mrinal was very mature for a Seventeen year old and wanted to go back to NY as soon as he graduated, so I developed more of a NY maturity and it worked, even-though I was almost 14,

he started rubbing his cock on my ass, just like my brother used to do during our porn movie sessions. Mrinal and I were fucking secretly, because he was concerned about getting in trouble because I was underage, but he didn’t know that in the state that we lived in, it was legal for me to get married and I could have sex, lots and lots of sex. Mrinal was shocked, he researched it and as soon as he was comfortable with the truth, he started fucking me regularly, and asked my parents if he could date me, but we had already been fucking for months with my brothers blessing, he dated me, we traveled to NY and back, Cute & playful blonde schoolgirl fucks her teacher in class

Date: March 4, 2019

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