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Cheating Husband Fucks Daughters Friend yesporn she is married but her husband works out of town.he comes home once in a month.so aunt always stays with us.goes home only when her husband comes.she sleeps in our guest room.mom and dad are working people.so they are in office everyday until 6pm except sundays and mondays.so it left only me and aunt in the house.she is a very friendly,caring person who i loved a lot.she does everything for me that mom had to do.she always used to hug me and give me lots of kisses.when she hugs me it always gave me a hardon.cuz her huge tits crushes in between us.we even take naps together when my parents aren’t home.nothing sexually.but i always use to keep my head on her tits.she doesn’t know but she gave me a hardon everytime i saw her.

then 1 day mom and dad had to leave town for a week and asked aunt to take care of me and she said ok.then my parents left that night.so me and aunt ate dinner and i left to take a shower.i was showering nude when the door opened and in came aunt.i forgot to lock the door.aunt was wrapped in a towel.in the shock her towel fell and infront of me was my dream fuck babe totally naked.her huge tits and shaved pussy was their for me to see.she took a good look at my cock then took the towel and ran.after shower i went to room and stayed their cuz of the shame.after about 1hr aunt knocked on the door and i told her to come in.she was wearing a tank top and shorts that hid nothing of her body.she came and sat on the bed near me and apologized for what happened.i said it was ok.that it was my fault.and she said if i don’t mind she needed to ask a big favour. Cheating Husband Fucks Daughters Friend yesporn

Date: February 8, 2019

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