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Brazzers The Naked Mom Alexis Fawx and Johnny Castle


Brazzers The Naked Mom Alexis Fawx and Johnny Castle It was lunch time and Kumar called me if I was ready for lunch. He said the others had already left. I asked him to come to my room. He kept the phone and he knocked the door and came in. He came in and said he had bought something for me. He asked me to stand up.

I got up and he went behind me. He made me stand in front of the mirror I have in my room. He was standing behind me. He was staring at my naked back and my long hair. He said, “Bhabhi you have a very good back and is in the right shape.”I just blushed and said thank you.

I just kept a step back and my big protruding bums hit this thing.”ouchh sorry Kumar” He gave me a naughty smile and said it’s ok. He asked me to close my eyes. And he said I have a gift for you. So I closed my eyes thinking what would be his next move. I felt his hands moving in between my arms and waist and reaching for my navel. Brazzers The Naked Mom Alexis Fawx and Johnny Castle

I could feel some metal and he asked me open my eyes. He had bought me a silver kamarband (it’s an ornament worn by Indian ladies around their waist just below the navel. ) and it was ornamental. It had a small hanging ornament to the front just below my navel. He took my saree little away from the waist and the centre piece touched my navel and I felt a rush inside my pussy.

His hands were around my waist. I gave a little push with my round bums to his thing. He noticed it and pushed me back. He said, “Bhabhi yeh aap par bohot achha lag raha hai.” I blushed on his remark. He asked me if I could remove my saree and show him how I look wearing only the kamarband and the underskirt of my saree.

Date: January 27, 2019

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