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Brazzers free x videos Alexis Fawx In Fuck the Pain Away


Brazzers free x videos Alexis Fawx In Fuck the Pain Away By around 1, i woke up because of some tickle i was feeling at my crotch…when i checked without any response, i understood it was BC holding trying to hold my prick through my lund. she was very careful so i would not wake up. I was liking the way she was touching it and my little one started growing to a handsome 7”. In the dim zero volt, she was seeing the shine at the head of my prick. She was sliding her palm on my member and i was growing to the best size ever.

She slowly got up and went near to it and slightly touched her lips on it. i experienced current flowing through my spine. I wanted her to go further but i also wanted to tease her. i shook my leg and she got scared. After about 15 minutes, i could feel her palm back on my dick. Now she was bit more confident and she was shaking tubing the whole length. I was as if in deep sleep.

She kissed my tool and slowly licked the tip with her tongue…she shook my tool again and i came violently on her hand…She got frightened and took back her hand…nothing happened after that and i slept after about half an hour. In the morning, again i woke up experiencing the same thing as earlier. This time, i decided to go a step ahead. While she touched me, i turned myself towards her and rested my thigh on her crotch. I could feel that she was slowly lifting her nightie and she got naked at her crotch where my knee was later touching. Brazzers free x videos Alexis Fawx In Fuck the Pain Away

I could feel her bush touching my knee. She was pressing towards me and i think she was fingering too…after about 10 minutes, i could not further control and i as if woke up got up. She got the fright of her life and started crying and pleading to me that i should not tell this to anyone. She expressed to me that she could not control her urge to touch me from the time she met me as she was starved for an year and 4 months then without her hubby.

Date: March 23, 2019
Actors: alexis fawx

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