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Brazzers Baby Got Boobs Mandy Haze Johnny Sins


Brazzers Baby Got Boobs Mandy Haze Johnny Sins Little did I know that it was going to be the best two weeks of my life. Aasha has 44dd’s and a nice ass. I had walked in on her one day as she was stepping out of the shower. I got to see her tits, pussy and her ass as she turned and tried to cover up. I jacked off like four times that night and my cock was almost raw by morning. Anyway it snowed and I was out shoveling it when I got a nice surprise. Aasha came out and helped me shovel. Now they didn’t have yoga pants back then,but she had on a pair of stretch pants.

She’s got a great ass,nice and tight. She caught me checking out her ass,and just grinned and shook it at me. Now I’ve got a nice eight and a half inch cock that’s about as thick as a polish sausage when it’s hard. The best feature is the head of my cock. It’s bigger than than the shaft and later on I was told that it’s a real pussy splitter.

Anyway after we got done we started to throw snow balls and she slipped and fell on her ass. I helped her up and she said would you brush the snow off my butt? I started to brush her off and I managed to feel her ass a couple of times. We went and put everything away in the garage and she asked me to rub her ass as it hurt. She put her arms around my neck and she said squeeze and rub it. Brazzers Baby Got Boobs Mandy Haze Johnny Sins I was so hard that you could’ve cut glass with my cock. I was squeezing it and I was pulling her to me so I could rub my cock against her pussy.. Now our garage is heated and has heavy dark curtains on the windows. This way no one can see what’s in the garage.

Date: March 19, 2019

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