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Bokuno kanojyo ga Haruka Mei dattara Scene 2


Bokuno kanojyo ga Haruka Mei dattara Scene 2 i said ok and she very hesitantly said that she never saw a cock as big as mine in real.and she wanted to feel it. i was shy but i said if she wanted she can do what ever she want so she took me up and got on her knees and pulled my shorts and boxer together down to my ankles.my big cock laid their before her eyes flacid.then she took it in her hands and stroked it a little then my cock was rock hard.and she gasped as if she has seen a ghost.she held my cock in her hands mouth opened.after a while she licked my big cock head.

then started sucking hard.she could only take about 4 or 5 inches in her throat.i deep throated her as far as my big cock could go.she started gagging but kept on sucking.then she pushed me on the bed.and took of her clothes.now butt naked.came and sat on my face in reverse so she could suck my cock.her pussy was pouring her wetness it was so sweet.i even licked her tiny asshole.she kept sucking my cock playing with my asshole.she came several times on my face.then she got up and sat on my cock in her pussy.but it was so tight.she told me her husbands cock was only 5 inches and a little fat as thumb.she never fucked a cock as big as mine.so she took her time but took all of my huge cock in her tight pussy. Bokuno kanojyo ga Haruka Mei dattara Scene 2

she rode my cock hard and came many times.then i got up lifting her in the air with my cock in her pussy and fucked hard.she was moaning so loudly i was afraid the neighbours might hear.then i spinned her upside down in a 69 position but standing up.i ate her pussy she sucked my cock.then i laid her on doggy style and began eating her sweet pussy.she had her face buried in the pillow but still her moaning was loud.i even tongue fucked her asshole.she began humping her ass i knew she liked it.i ate her ass for a while then took my cock and slowly inserted in her pussy.i fucked in a slow rythm then she begged to fuck her hard.so i fucked her so hard.i grabbed her huge tits in my hand while fucking.then i fliped her on her back and fucked her hard she began squirting cum all over.then i slided my cock between her huge juicy tits and fucked her titties.then she asked me if i could fuck her ass.

Date: February 8, 2019
Actors: Mei Haruka

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